Guest Speakers

Mr. HONG Lei 洪磊

Consul General of China to Chicago

Former Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Deputy Director General, Department of Information, MFA

Prof. Wen-mei Hwu

Sanders-AMD Endowed Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UIUC

Principal Investigator for the world’s first NVIDIA CUDA Center of Excellence

Principal Investigator for the petascale Blue Waters system

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Prof. Yi Lu

Jay and Ann Schenck Professor of Chemistry at UIUC

AAAS fellow

Co-founder of ANDalyze and Glucosentient

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Prof. Deming Chen

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UIUC

Co-founder of Inspirit IoT, Inc.

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Mr. Feng Li 李丰

Founding Partner of Frees Fund

Former Partner of IDG-Accel

Mr. Dehai Kong

Managing Partner of SVC Angel Fund

President of the US-China Association of High-level Professionals (UCAHP)

Executive President of SV Entrepreneurs Academy of WRSA

Dr. Herb Huang

CEO of Ningbo Semiconductor International Corporation

Former senior director of technology and technical marketing at Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation

Mr. Harrison Ding 丁沪生

Founder and CEO of

Managing Director and CEO of Multiple Listing Network Ltd.

Former Global Council Chair of IBM

Mr. Sam Wang 王静远

Managing Partner and President of NewDo Venture

Silver Scholar at Yale University

Dr. Farris Wu 武明峰

Co-founder and Managing Director at ZenStone Venture Capital

Serial entrepreneur in venture capital, commercial real estate, and consumer technology industries

Mr. Tianyi Joe Zhu 朱天怡

Co-founder of West Suburban Angels

Chairman of the Zhu Holdings Group Company, and Jiangsu Full Cell Energy Technologies

Co-founder and Partner of Smart Health Activator

Dr. Cliff Drowley

Senior Fellow of Technology at Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation

Former Vice President of Cypress Semiconductor

Ms. Amy Gu 谷懿

Managing Partner of Hemi Ventures

Growth Advisor of Udacity

Former General Manager of Evernote China

Dr. Dahua Qin

Senior Principal Engineer at Western Digital

Former Senior Member of Technical Staff at LSI Corporation

Ms. Hong Cheng 程虹

Senior Investment Analyst at Morningstar Investment Management LLC

President of Chinese Finance Association of America

Dr. Tony Zhang 张庆全

Portfolio Manager of Zacks Investment Management

Assistant Professor of University of Maryland Baltimore County

Former research scientist at Lemko Corporation

Mr. Justin Li 李政林

Investor at Hemi Ventures

Founder of Blleep

Mr. Alan Zhang 张昀

Legal and Compliance Officer at Nanhua USA LLC

Licensed U.S. and China attorney