About 2018 UIUC US-China Innovation & Development Forum

On the Cutting-Edge of Innovation


The US-China Innovation and Development forum aspires to discuss the developments and most pressing issues of the present state of industries and academics. 2016’s G20 Hangzhou Summit passed the “2016 G20 innovation action plan” and “G20 Innovation Action Plan” which stressed the importance of technological innovation in preserving industry competitiveness and creating jobs. Surrounding the theme of “Innovation and Development,” and based on the history of cooperation between China and the United States, this forum strives to facilitate dialogue about cutting-edge innovations in each industry, and to help students understand the opportunities and challenges in their developments.

The process of innovation and development forum is composed of two parts - main forum and private dinner. The organizers' carefully selected twelve academic and industry leaders will deliver keynote speeches on hot topics. There will also be panel discussions when attendees can share their questions or insights with high-profile entrepreneurs and enterprise executives. The private dinner will mainly serve as a platform for outstanding researchers and start-up teams to pitch their projects to venture capitals. This forum is bound to create fruitful dialogue and inspire the minds of the younger generation who will one day, help facilitate US-China development, just as their predecessors did.